plasotec GmbH

Sustainability at plasotec

plasotec GmbH relies on sustainable technologies to minimize its CO2 balance. The use of photovoltaics is a central element of this. By installing a state-of-the-art 52 KW solar system, the company produces environmentally friendly electricity and thus significantly reduces its CO₂ emissions.
Another important aspect is heat recovery and the use of process waste heat. The heat generated in the production processes is used efficiently by special recovery systems. The daily heat requirement is thus partially or completely covered by the company’s own resources.
An innovative electrolyte treatment system returns a large proportion of the raw and auxiliary materials to the internal material cycle. The mass of materials to be disposed of and water consumption are significantly reduced. This reduces costs and conserves valuable resources.
With these measures, plasotec GmbH impressively demonstrates how modern technology and environmental awareness can go hand in hand to create a more sustainable future.

Heat recovery

With heat recovery from plasotec GmbH, the hot exhaust gases produced during industrial processes are passed through the heat exchanger. There, the exhaust gas transfers its heat to a circulating carrier medium, usually water. The heated water is then fed into the building’s heating system, allowing the rooms to be heated efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

This process enables plasotec GmbH to significantly reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs at the same time. In addition, the technology helps to reduce CO2 emissions, which makes a positive contribution to environmental protection. The solution from plasotec GmbH therefore represents a sustainable and economical way of making sensible use of waste heat from industrial processes while minimizing the ecological footprint.

CO2 emissions

plasotec GmbH is focusing on sustainability and environmental protection by installing a 38 kW solar system that makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. This solar system produces clean, renewable energy and reduces the need for conventional electricity from fossil fuels.

By using the solar system, plasotec GmbH can save a significant amount of CO2 emissions every year. From 2021 – 2024, 75 tons of CO“ could be saved. This is the equivalent of 2,192 trees planted.

These savings help to reduce the company’s ecological footprint and environmental impact. The solar energy generated is used directly in the production processes, replacing fossil fuels.

The investment in the 38 kW solar system underlines plasotec GmbH’s commitment to sustainable technologies and the responsible use of natural resources. This measure represents an important step towards a more climate-friendly and sustainable corporate strategy.

Water treatment

plasotec GmbH uses an advanced technology for water treatment.
The electrolyte used in the plasma polishing process is effectively recycled, eliminating the need for disposal. This process ensures that the electrolyte can be treated and reused after use, saving resources and reducing costs.

This innovative solution from plasotec GmbH not only offers economic benefits by reducing operating costs, but also makes an important contribution to environmental protection. By avoiding waste and reducing fresh water consumption, the environmental impact is minimized. The water treatment technology from plasotec GmbH therefore contributes to a sustainable and resource-efficient production process.