Referenzen Mikroelektronik SMD Folie

A new area of application of plasma polishing is the processing of very thin steel sheets and plates with a thickness of 0.1 to 1.0 mm. Etched laser-cut contours are trimmed and attrited round edges are smoothened. The material thickness of the components cis almost maintained due to the low removal rates.

No allowances for removal need to be planned for material thickness in the production. The sheets or plates can be processed up to the size of 900 mm x 900 mm. Since the processing is continuous it ensures a very evenly and gentle processing of the sheets. Very thin plasma polished stainless steel foils are used in the screen printing technology for the SMD semiconductor industry.

Other applications include laser-cuts and photo chemically etched contours and structures from all areas of metal technology.

Application examples:

Plasma polishing of screen-print films [ PDF]